John Gizowski

    La Grange, IL




  • About John Gizowski

    Throughout his career, John Gizowski (La Grange, IL resident) has stood out with his hands-on approach to solving large problems and creating products that exceed performance standards for corporations. From his beginnings as an engineering technician to his current position as a project manager, Gizowski has always tackled his work with an organized attack plan to deliver quality on deadline.


    From leading and supervising engineers and other employees in teams to expediently completing engineering projects on time and under budget, Gizowski has a proven track record for getting the job done. He is the primary inventor on 3 new products and 4 new manufacturing processes resulting in utility patent launches, taking projects from charter through production, then lessons learned. He also has authored, negotiated, and implemented R&D plans for two university research programs as well as spearheading a new product development process that resulted in a 53% reduction in time.


    Gizowski graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and then earned his Master of Engineering Management degree from Northwestern University. When he’s not in the office, you can find John Gizowski, in La Grange, IL tinkering in his garage, cooking for his family, or spending time on Chicago’s lakefront.

  • Accomplishments

    John Gizowski, of La Grange, IL, is a progressively skilled engineer with experience of significant tenure in all engineering roles throughout new product development, application, sustaining, and VA/VE practices concurrent with nocturnal education.

    Products & Processes

    Successfully launched 8 products, patented and VA/VE, into production.


    Patents, Primary Inventor, WO 2000/013763 6,432,307 laser welding process of plastic; 6,139,737

    product with molded ferrite-filled magnetic body; 5,853,577 orbital welding of molded components.


    (Research & Design)

    Derived, negotiated, and executed R&D plans for university (PSU, Cleveland State) research programs.


    Supervised engineers, designers & technicians in engineering roles by employing tenured experience.

  • Experience

    Engineering and Project Management

    Xylem, Inc.

    Project Manager


    • Generated/negotiated costing and distributor bids with vendors, distributor/reps., and end user.
    • Lead global (Web-ex) and co-located weekly meetings to audit and control submissions, as well as expedite Letters of Credit, Insurance Certifications, and corporate Security Statements to end user.

    Pentair Corp.

    Project Manager


    • Generated costing and distributor bids of pumps, motors, engines, controllers, and sensors of low and medium voltage electro-mechanical systems through vendor, distributor, and end user interface.
    • Led kick-off meetings upon award of bid to validate specifications and bid exceptions in manufacturing.

    Hussman Corporation



    • Determined thermal sizing of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems in new applications.


    OEM Manager​


    • Initiated contact, landed, and launched Fortune 100 OEM programs supporting their new product development, target costing, and service applications, increasing 2013 Permatron profits 15%.
    • Responsible for conformance to customer for all APQP and ISO product introduction documentation.
    • Led and participated in project kick-off meeting upon acceptance of bid, assuring conformance to customer APQP and ISO documentation.

    IMI Cornelius

    Senior Engineer


    • Executed design, development, and manufacturing launch of NPD and revised electro-mechanical beverage dispensing systems containing PCBA driven motors, valves, connectors with wiring, sensors, & displays from injection molding, thermoforming insulation, foaming, stamping, and casting processes.
    • Modeled with G.D.&T. documentation of concepts and resolutions using Pro-Engineer/Wind-Chill.
    • Derived, presented, and launched business cases for Value Analysis / Value Engineering initiatives, totaling in excess of $500K. Qualified initiatives by quantifying Scope, Costs, and Return on Investment with Appropriation of Funds.

    Echo, Inc.

    Senior Project Engineer


    • Led development of new product with project management techniques that included timelines, RACI structure, quantitative costing, vendor negotiation, and authoring product specifications from negotiated requirements with cross functional teams.
    • Supervised new product development project engineers. Ensured NPD compliance ​to negotiated UL.

    Baxter Corporation

    Senior Mechanical Engineer


    • Lead engineer within R&D and sustaining engineering for the peristaltic pump infusion systems.
    • Direct contact with global and domestic vendors, quality, PM, and foreign (Singapore, Thailand) facilities.
  • Education

    Coursework completed at night while building and maintaining a home and a family

    Northwestern University, McCormick School of Engineering

    Master's (2002)

    Master of Engineering Management Degree

    Illinois Institute of Technology, Armour College of Engineering

    Bachelor of Science (1995)

    Mechanical Engineering Degree

    Project Management Institute

    License 1695341, exp. 02/2020

    Project Management Professional